Introspection demands courage and energy. What is the identity of an
organisation? How do managers behave? Is there commitment under the employees? How is the communication between the different departments? An organisation that dares to ask these questions runs less risk of
organizational blindness.

When performing activities in the area of coaching Mistral Support takes on the role of the consultant. By holding up a mirror to an organization our bureau exposes the qualities and possible obstacles. Observing, listening, signalling and ‘confronting with respect’: by examining behavioural aspects, skills and attitudes of the employees in a process oriented approach and at an individual as well as at a group level, patterns and business processes become evident. Mistral Support supports organisations in the search for possible improvements within the company culture and structure.

Mistral Support especially directs itself towards middle management. Middle management plays a key role as pivot and ‘translator’ between
management and the shop floor.