This question is the main theme of all the activities of Mistral Support: a young bureau that helps and advises companies and government agencies with the education of their employees. Mistral Support is active on three fronts. Besides training and coaching, interim projects in the area of Human Resource Management are the third core competence.

In a relatively short period Mistral Support has gained much experience in the world of training. From the training of specific skills and techniques to the deployment of personnel in P&O departments: the bureau covers the complete field of personnel and organisation. Even though ‘Mistral’ does not focus on specific disciplines and branches the bureau has special expertise in the areas of business services, education, the hotel, restaurant en catering industry, building, technology, government agencies and retail trade. You can also turn to us for extensive and complex assignments. Mistral Support works together intensively with a network of trainers, coaches, advisors and bureaus and is also a member of the branch organization of the Dutch Association of Personnel Management (NVP), and of the Platform Association for Self-employed Persons (PZO).

The name Mistral Support refers to the fresh wind that regularly blows across France. From time to time a fresh wind can have a beneficial effect for every company. Mistral Support has an objective, open-minded and different view of processes, behaviours and interaction on the shop floor.