The other expertises of Mistral Support come together within the discipline of interim management. A company wrestles with a problem and calls in the help of an external and impartial expert.

Mistral Support can fill the role of independent and objective expert with inspiring verve. Our bureau does not present itself as an all-knowing
authority, but firmly believes in cooperation. By working intensively together with the P&O people the best solution for a specific problem is searched for.

The questions from a customer can be regarding policy as well as of an operational nature. Employees, who must be coached, trained or supported; an analysis of the company culture, motivation or the policy on absence through illness: the diversity of assignments cannot be brought together under one title.

Through daily and direct contact Mistral Support gets even more feeling with an organisation during interim projects. Furthermore, as an independent expert the bureau can be impartial and play a conciliatory role in difficult issues.

Mistral Support comes, blows as a fresh wind through the organisation and disappears again.