Mistral Support is a young company in the world of training and coaching. Originator is Nielze Bento (1968). After her study in Personnel & Labour at the Rotterdam High School and a post-graduate education in Supervision and Coaching, Nielze continued to do further studies in the area of HRM and Coaching & Supervision.
Through her diversity in work experience, Nielze has seen and experienced the different sides of the labour and organisation process. Nielze has worked for years in line management, but also on the advisory side as a career consultant and trainer.
As a training manager at a technical contracting company she was closely involved in the coaching and training of the organisation and its employees. In the summer of 2004 Nielze decided to bundle her knowledge and experience in the area of coaching and training in Mistral Support.

Besides her work for Mistral Support, Nielze also works, on a flexible basis, as a teacher for students of MER (Management, Economy & Law) and HRM
at a higher vocational school.

Nielze Bento is a certified NLP practitioner.